Introducing Aleatory.Finance — Huge ROI! Fair chance for all!

The tokenless experiment

Aleatory.Finance is a revolutionary experiment aiming to provide users with the chance to make huge ROI while ensuring a fair protocol that can not be gamed.

The protocol is designed to reward the early adopters and make the price growth exponential. In order to ensure fairness, Aleatory improves over previous protocols:

  1. Risk normalized rewards — The risk of each user is defined as: stake risk = ETH staked * time multiplier. The time multiplier starts at x4 and decays linearly to x1 until all users are able to withdraw their rewards.
  2. Randomized timelock — The time at which the user can withdraw his rewards is randomized on each staking event. This ensures a fair chance at gaining the highest ROI.
  3. No additional tokens — The Aleatory contract does not mint additional tokens. Users stake ETH and directly receive ETH upon withdrawal. This prevents price manipulation and unfair behavior.

The inner details

You can stake multiple times if you like. The countdown is re-randomized on each staking event. The total risk is cumulative, hence each staking event will INCREASE the user's total risk exposure and INCREASE the total amount of rewards the user may extract.

Early stakers that believed in this project, will receive a higher ROI. However, staking first doesn’t ensure that you withdraw before everyone else. Each re-staking event gives you an additional chance at being first to withdraw your rewards.

The rules are clear, the game is fair and the potential gains are huge.

As there is no token, there is no hidden price manipulation and no back doors for malicious actors.

The Aleatory experiment is not audited and high risk. There may be bugs or it may not work as you assume. Do not stake unless you fully went through the code and have a good understanding of it. You may lose everything. Use it at your own risk.

Developer incentives

In this experiment, we have ensured that the devs have no method of performing rug pulls and any similar price manipulation at the expense of the users. Our top priority is to maximize user satisfaction, enable a fair experience with known rules. To enable funding for future projects and reward the developers for their work, the dev fund will receive a small % of the staked tokens.



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